Promoting Open Innovation in the EUSALP macro-region: experiences from the Alpine regions

11.15 - 13.00
Please note: The number of participants of the workshops is limited!
Language: English

Open Innovation model is used to encompass the complexity of factors that influence innovation at regional, national and international Level.

Several factors influence open innovation dynamics: companies, government and governance, education and research system, research intermediaries and wider framework conditions (e.g. financing, legal, regulations, standards, internal demand and cultural framework).

Every element of the system needs to work at least at an acceptable quality and efficiency, and the interlinkages between them need to function well. Business enterprises are principal actors in the system, and the articulation of effective demand is central to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation. The capacity of the macro-region to deliver in knowledge intensive activities will depend on the flow of knowledge and ideas, and from a supportive framework enabling the key players to act in global value chains where high value activities emerge.


In the framework of this workshop, the EUSALP Action Group 1 intends to discuss on Open Innovation and on how to implement the model at macro-regional level.  The focus will be on creating the conditions for mutual learning and for the development of Smart Specialisation Strategies at transnational level. Open Innovation platforms and other experiences can be useful tools within the entire research and innovation ecosystem.

Scope and Purpose

As the Forum will be oriented towards young people living in the Alpine region, the topic of open innovation is certainly attractive to this audience. Hence, the purpose of the workshop is to stimulate the debate on how to promote Open Innovation in the Alpine region.

Regions will share experiences and will present existing tools to build on for the creation of an Open Innovation Platform for the Alpine macro-region. The platform will support regions promoting interregional cooperation based on Smart specialisation and cross-sectorial fertilisation. Starting from a discussion on European experiences in the field of Open Innovation the workshop will explore on one hand the issue of interoperability between different platforms and related tools, and on how to make available existing platforms to those regions not having developed yet their own implementation tool for Open Innovation. It will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the existing platforms and the Platform of knowledge (POK) developed in the framework of ALPGOV project.

Provisional Agenda

11.15 - 11.20 Opening (Annamaria Giorgi, AG1 Leader Guido Piccoli, AG1 Leader EU Programs Staff)

  • Welcome Speech
  • Presentation of the speakers

11.20 - 11.35 Open Innovation: Development paths emerging from RIS3 in the Alpine regions (Margherita Russo, Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR))

11.35 - 11.50 Open Innovation Platform, Lombardy (Angelo Gatto, Lombardy Region - Finlombarda)

11.50 - 12.05 Open Innovation in FVG: best practices (Fabrizio Rovatti, AREA Science Park, Trieste)

12.05 - 12.20 Promoting Innovation in the Lake Constance Region: How Science-Industry-Interfaces Connecting Stakeholders from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland (Markus Rhomberg, Boden Seehoch Schule)

12.20 - 12.35 AlpGov Platform of Knowledge POK (Annamaria Giorgi & Pietro Guinea AG1 Leader)

12.35 - 12.50 RE-search ALPS, INEA CEF-TELECOM Project (Stefano Sala, UNIMONT - University of Milan)

12.50 - 13.00 Open Innovation Talk (all speakers, Moderator Piccoli Guido)



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